Multimedia Learning in the Stone Age


Unfortunately, there is a huge volume of poor instructional video out there. Lots of low-budget talking head professors, and lots of heavy text on screen competing with images for the learner’s attention. At Adapt Courseware, we wanted to do it better, as with everything else in our instructional design. Fortunately, there is plenty of good research as to what makes…

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Automating Mastery Learning


As a teenager, I discovered a set of self-paced instructional workbooks in my local library. I loved them! I could learn a subject like electrical circuit design on my own, with the workbooks letting me know if I was getting something wrong. These workbooks were organized like a flowchart. If you answered a question correctly, the flowchart directed you to…

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The Two Sigma Solution


How effective can instruction be? In the early 1980s eminent University of Chicago learning theorist Benjamin Bloom set out to answer that question. Bloom is most famous for his 1950s work defining a Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, which compares learning tasks of increasing sophistication, such as just remembering a rule of grammar, being able to apply it, or being able to…

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Anya Kamenetz gets it. Her book DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the coming Transformation of Higher Education is the clearest, best documented exposition I’ve seen on the state of college education today, and on where it is surely going. I’d call it required reading for anyone who wants to understand what’s happening in higher education. For the most part, college…

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