Why Adapt?

The Adapt Courseware team understands the importance and impact of individualized adaptive learning. Adapt Courseware’s online curriculum resources help students discover efficient and effective paths to competency-based learning. Unlike self-paced courses from years past, Adapt Courseware’s "learning-paced" offerings provide a variety of benefits to college and university administrators, course instructors and students. Key benefits include measurable learning outcomes, increased student retention and higher student satisfaction.

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Learning, and course completion, is about motivation. Some gateway courses, such as College Algebra, can have a completion rate of less than half. We support student motivation using a well understood (but underutilized) toolkit that meets student needs for student choice and optimal challenge. These techniques keep the student engaged and working, bringing completion rates up.

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Students who don’t complete courses are unlikely to reregister. By increasing course completion rates, we improve student self-efficacy and motivation to continue. What would it mean to your institution to increase student retention by even 5%? Learn how adaptive multimedia is driving a transformational change in student behavior.

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Online education is succeeding even though online course offerings today fall far short of what is possible. They translate traditional text, lectures, and homework assignments to the computer screen without bringing to bear the transformative power of modern multimedia interactivity. As described by one professor of education, We just put correspondence courses on line." Exciting design innovations and the best available learning and motivational theories are left untapped. Students who have grown up in a world of modern media, from iPhones to video games, are left unengaged and uninspired by courses that should have been left in the twentieth century. They learn less, and have less fun learning, than they could. Instead, we provide a modern web-based, interactive, and video-based experience that students can relate to and enjoy.