Why Adapt?

At Adapt Courseware, we understand the importance and impact of personalized learning. Modernizing
the way students and instructors connect with content and each other, we combine advanced multimedia,
adaptive learning technology, and modular authoring tools so educators can create a highly personalized,
motivating, and results-driven experience.

Our repository of award winning multimedia interactives, videos, and assessments engage students in
unprecedented ways, while giving faculty the data and tools they need to better understand individual
learning styles, dissect the effectiveness of content, and mentor students.

Because we integrate with existing educational resources and learning management systems,
instructors can assemble their courses using our rich repository of multimedia video and interactives or in
combination with third party content or content of their own.

Schools around the country are using Adapt Courseware to realize measurable learning outcomes,
including double-digit improvements in retention and completion, as well as increased student
satisfaction. Can you imagine the possibilities?

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Course completion is a combination of motivation, support and confidence. By providing students with a choice in how they learn and content that challenges them at exactly the right level, engagement and self–efficacy increase which results in higher completion rates.

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Students who don’t complete courses are unlikely to reregister. By increasing course completion rates, we improve student self-efficacy. What would it mean to your institution to increase student retention by even a few percentage points? Our adaptive multimedia is driving a transformational change in student behavior.

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Online education is succeeding even though most online course offerings today fall short of what is possible. They translate traditional text, lectures, and homework assignments to the online medium without bearing the transformative power of today’s advanced multimedia interactivity. Today’s digtal-savvy students are left unengaged uninspired, and having less fun in the process. Instead, Adapt Courseware provides a modern web-based, interactive, and video-based experience that students can relate to and enjoy.