Personalized learning is changing the way students engage with their courses, instructors and each
other, and Adapt Courseware is at the forefront of this learning transformation. Based on years of research and practice, Adapt Courseware’s teams of academics and developers understand how to merge content and interactivity to make the teaching and learning process more powerful.

Using proven learning science principles and advanced multimedia techniques, Adapt Courseware individualizes the learning experience adjusting the path based on each student’s unique abilities and academic needs. For instructors, the adaptive experience gives them the opportunity to increase their visibility into student performance; better understand student learning styles; dissect the effectiveness of content; ease administrative tasks; and provide a higher level of personalized support.

Every Adapt Courseware offering embodies five key design principles based on proven education theories, methodologies and practices.


Effective Multimedia

Most online courses today are based on voluminous text (or just repurposed textbook pages). Disjointed subtitling, video lectures, and complex screen controls present a confusing and conflicted visual landscape for students. There is often no clear point of focus.good multimedia design
In contrast, Adapt Courseware provides short, effective animated lectures, multimedia interactives, lecture notes, and social learning interactions. Vivid, concise animated lectures featuring audio commentary eliminate sensory channel overload and allow the student to focus on the content. Each student can have an individualized learning experience with course content that supports a particular learning style and pace.


Adapt Courseware’s online curriculum resources are complete and ready-to-use. Instructors can also configure the courseware to support a particular syllabus or lesson sequence. Instructional media can be rearranged, added or removed.



Optimal Challenge

Many online courses depend on multiple-choice questions. Although easy to design and grade, the approach encourages students to guess rather than understand. Adapt Courseware delivers content-specific, online gradable interactives, which encourage students to engage directly with the subject interactive
Multimedia interactives reside in an “adaptive stack” from simple, single concept questions to multi-concept applications. Activities are delivered adaptively to students based on their demonstrated ability. Some students will reach topic competency with as few as three or four complex activities. Some may require ten or more simple ones. Students receive activities that optimize their learning and support their motivation.


student choice

Student Choice

Each student is ultimately accountable for personal success and achievement in a course. Most students either consciously or unconsciously want to exercise some control over how, when and how well they learn a particular concept or subject. Through continuous feedback and real-time grading, students can easily determine how additional effort may improve their grades. Each student can choose whether or not to pursue additional exercises or content. For example, if a psychology student is currently demonstrating a B- understanding, the individual can choose to accept that grade. On the other hand, the student can choose to invest additional time and effort to improve the grade by building and demonstrating a better level of understanding.
good multimedia design
Additionally, Adapt Courseware offers three modes of instruction – complete instructional videos, text and multimedia interactives. Each mode covers all course content. Instead of attempting to diagnose learning styles, we let each student develop personal learning strategies, using all three modes, in the way that is most effective for that individual.



Competency-Based Learning

Many online courses attempt to simply map the materials and methods of the traditional classroom lecture to the computer. Students are expected to accomplish the same work at the same pace. Struggling students can become frustrated while advanced students can become bored. Adapt Courseware individualizes the learning experience for each student based on existing knowledge, intellectual abilities, strengths and gaps. Adapt Courseware can help by keeping students productive and engaged.


No more one-size-fits-all assignments

Each student is presented with a learning path that presents the series of activities necessary for that student to achieve topic competency and to reach the desired target grade.



Feedback, scores and grades are instantaneous. Remediation is targeted at helping students overcome common misunderstandings and close knowledge gaps. Adapt Courseware’s proprietary Metahint engine provides automated, review and reinforcement at the point in the learning path where students need it most.


Interaction Interleaving

Content is modularized into three to five minute lectures to cover each important concept. Topics are reinforced with practice exercises so students can build competencies.


Social Learning

good multimedia designMost online courses present remote learning experiences, which students describe as somewhat lonely or isolated. To promote community-based learning, Adapt Courseware features a variety of social media tools like screen sharing, messaging and webcam support that encourage online collaboration and study groups. Groups can be keyed to a student’s individual course progress. Students are reminded that they are part of a larger community, which can make learning a better and more enjoyable social experience.